Community Living Christmas Dinner 2022

Today marked the return after three long years of the annual Community Living Christmas Dinner. Hosted (with thanks from us all) by the Friends Of Roselawn at the Roselawn Centre, this sit-down event catered 70 happy diners, while in a first for this event, another 20 had hot Turkey dinners delivered to their homes, ensuring they didn’t miss out.

Port Colborne Optimist Club volunteers were on hand to plate dinners and wait tables, with guest appearances by Mayor Bill Steele and Pastor John Mackey, who said the blessing before the meal.

Pictured with the diners are Sam Horst (left) from Community Living and Larry Olm, from the Optimist Club, lead coordinator from our end. In a nutshell, from different ends these two made the magic happen: They never actually met until today.

The Community Living organisation has empowered and supported people with intellectual disabilities to maintain independent lives within our community since 1962. Good work, that team. The Optimist Club was pleased and privileged to volunteer our services for the event.

It’s all about community. We are all volunteers. All here to serve. In this case, Turkey. Merry Christmas.

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