Honk If You’re Happy

Road cleanup crew

If you are driving along Killaly Street East this morning and see people in orange vests along the roadside or clambering in and out of ditches, that’s us doing our bit for the community.

Twice per year we clear the road edges and ditches of our adopted road, and today is the day. We again join forces with the Pathfinders, those wonderful young people that save our old knees. Thank you! They will start at one end as we start at the other, and the two groups will meet somewhere near the middle.

The whole 4km stretch takes a couple of hours to complete and it is a spring clean that freshens up this road into Port Colborne for the next six months. So this morning particularly please drive carefully, don’t throw things at us from the car, and honk if you’re happy! See you out there.

Road cleanup crew

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