Murder Mystery

Port Colborne Optimist Club murder mystery night

Would you like to join us for an evening of fun and merriment at one of Port Colborne’s premium venues? An event that will feature excellent food, great company, good entertainment, and only a minimal chance that you will be murdered?

The Port Colborne Optimist Club signature Murder Mystery event is back! The Optimist Club is known for community events and fundraising for kids. This one is unique. It is just for the adults. We earned it, and so did you!

A 3-course dinner will include participatory dinner theatre at its finest, provided by the well-seasoned (pun intended) troupe from Murders Tastefully Executed. As events unfold throughout the night, our guests will have many opportunities to solve the clues to identify the murderer. Or murderers. Hey, even we don’t know whodunnit.

The grisly fun begins at the Port Colborne Country Club at 6pm on October 21st. Meet and mingle, sit and eat, wait for the screams. A regular Saturday night out in Port Colborne? Maybe not. A wild ride into comedy and red herrings (not on the menu)? Certainly.

Tickets are a very reasonable $65 each, and you can purchase up to eight at a time if your party wants to sit together. Proceeds go toward our fundraising programs, but this is mainly an event to get people out together, meet new and old friends, and have a little fun while not getting murdered.

Tickets are limited, so get yours soon! When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Get Your Tickets Here!

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