Respect For Law 2022

Thank You

During our Christmas dinner at San Marcos Ristorante in Port Colborne, the club took a moment to recognize the service of our guest of honour by presenting the 2022 Respect For Law award to Collin Cooper of the Canada Border Services Agency.

For the last 16 years Collin has worked diligently to serve his community and to protect Canadians. Starting at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario, Collin transferred to the Niagara peninsula in 2011, at which time he and his family became a part of the Port Colborne community. As a Border Services Officer, Collin has served in a wide range of roles. Examining personal vehicles, commercial trucks, planes at the Niagara airport, small vessels at our local marinas, and international ships entering the Welland Canal.

Most notably, Collin has served for the last six years as a contraband detector dog handler, with his canine partner Cozmo. Cozmo retired from service in 2021 after a fantastic career intercepting guns and drugs crossing our borders. He was responsible for intercepting over 40 gun shipments destined for Canadian street gangs, resulting in several criminal convictions.

Collin has been recognized as one of CBSA’s experts in aftermarket compartments (for hiding contraband), traveling across Canada to provide training to fellow law enforcement officers on these and other sophisticated smuggling techniques.

Thank you, Collin, and thanks too to all your CBSA colleagues.

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