Student Nutrition Program

Ontario Student Nourishment Program

The Ontario Student Nutrition Program is an initiative that aims to provide school-age children with nutritious food through breakfast, lunch, and snack programs. The program runs in hundreds of schools throughout the province and helps ensure that students can focus on learning and healthy development, rather than missed meals.

The Port Colborne Optimist Club is pleased to return from a 3-year COVID enforced absence and be there this morning in person to present the program administrators and students of St. Therese school with a $500 donation. This donation will join others and add to the schools own fundraising efforts, putting food on tables and in stomachs.

St. Therese is one of two schools to receive donations from the Club this year. The other is Steele Street, and we will visit them on Friday. Next year, two other schools, and the year after that two more. This is an ongoing commitment for us. In this way we aim to spread our efforts evenly and help as many students as we can, one small step at a time.

If you wish to know more about this Ontario-wide program and perhaps find out how you can become involved, please visit this link to the program site for information.

Donating to the Ontario Student Nutrition Program
Port Colborne Optimist Club presentation to St. Therese Student Nutrition Program

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