Wrapping It Up

Port Colborne Optimist Club Craft Show 2023

The 2023 craft show was a success, in large part due to Viv, our amazing event organizer that managed to not only juggle her carefully measured floor plan in real-time but also calm vendors when the needs of the day called for some last-minute changes.

Attendance to our free craft show over the course of the two day event is always high. Your author came away with a new t-shirt and his better half scored several pairs of hand-crafted earrings, some scented doodads, and a dress. And we only went to take photos!

Our varied assortment of vendors provided something for almost every taste and we thank them for bringing their skills and unique arts to our community.

Prize Time

The Lemayzzz meat draw took place at 4pm on Sunday. The winners take home vouchers to spend as they wish to help fill out their freezers and / or stomachs. Congratulations to them, and thanks to all that participated.

  • First Prize: Tim O
  • Second Prize: Ev D
  • Third Prize: Kathy F

Our annual craft show is a favourite among those that like their Canal Days a little further from the crowds and craziness of downtown. Our club is happy to bring this oasis of calm and look forward to continuing to do it for many years to come.

If you would like to get involved, please consider joining us. It’s unpaid, there are some long hours, and it takes up a lot of your summer. I won’t sugar coat it, it’s a commitment. But it’s very rewarding to look back and see what you and your team have accomplished for the community. Want to know more? Click HERE.

There is little else to say except thank you, everybody. We are going to rest for a week or two and recharge before ramping up to our next project. No spoilers. But thanks once more to vendors and visitors, and everyone that played their part in making the 2023 Optimist Club craft show a success. See you again next year!

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  2. Karen Laverty -Bird Lane Soap

    Thankyou so much for allowing us to take part in the Canal Days Vendor Show! We had a fun and successful 2 days!

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